Victorian Fantasy Weekend

St.Valentine's weekend 2020

Step back in time with us, as we dive deeper into romance and intimacy.  Explore specific skills that are key to building healthy relationships.


  The concepts we will focus on are

~clear communication,

~deepening trust

~understanding energy, chakras and connection


~increasing joy and fun together


Relationship building skills- fundamentals


Practicing honesty, openness, fairness, active listening, emotional support, expressing feelings, and needs. Setting clear expectations and boundaries. Using I statements, the criticism sandwich, love shower, understanding energy and the chakras. We will discuss specific relationship goals and how to get there.


Salsa dancing and partner yoga require trust and cooperation as well as closeness and touch that will deepen physical and emotional connection in fun new ways!


Feed each other delicious foods, indulge the senses, learn thai massage basics that help us feel fantastic together. Then practice the skills we are learning in a private setting with your sweetheart.


Fun activities together build closeness and a framework for lasting love. Yoga, relaxation, soak, sauna, and salsa dancing are just a few of the fun, romantic activities that can create enjoyable lasting bonds. 

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